Annandale is a neighborhood found in the southwest area of Pasadena, CA. Annandale is hillside, suburban community that is quiet and lined with old, beautiful trees. This area has a public library, fire station, private children’s center and park with approximately 700 homes. The neighborhood of Annandale is south of Colorado Boulevard and west of San Rafael Avenue.

Annandale has its own business district near Colorado Boulevard and Avenue 64. The San Rafael Park is also located near Annandale’s business district. The neighborhood consists of upper-middle class houses built sometime between 1920-1930. Because Annandale is located on the border of Pasadena, the neighborhood has its own original feel. The numerous amounts of big trees in addition to the small lake at the district’s center give Annandale a distinct character.

There are programs like the non-profit Linda Vista-Annandale Association (LVAA) that exist to protect, improve, preserve, and develop the neighborhood to improve the overall general welfare of the residents. This board has specific efforts focused on beautification, traffic matters, safety concerns and hillside issues.

The only school in Annandale is San Rafael Elementary. Once kids complete school at San Rafael, they attend Blair High School in Oak Knoll for middle and high school.

Pasadena homes are always in high demand from homebuyers, but more so in high-end neighborhoods like Annandale.

The average real estate price in Annandale is $966,502, which is higher than 92% of all neighborhoods in California and 98.9% of United States neighborhoods. The average rental prince is $3,010, which is higher than 97.6% of neighborhoods in California. The real estate in Annandale is made up of primarily medium to small single-family homes and small apartment buildings. Medium sized single-family homes are generally 3-4 bedrooms while small homes are 1-2 bedrooms. The majority of the homes in Annandale are owner occupied and most of the homes were built in between 1939-1970.The current vacancy rate is only 2.6%, which is lower than 89.4% of United States neighborhood. Annandale homes have a high demand because no one wants to move away.

The residents of Annandale are considerably wealthy. Annandale is wealthier than 98.9% of American neighborhoods. Many of the residents here are highly educated. At least 42.3% of the adults in Annandale have completed degrees in higher education in law, medical, Masters, or Ph.D. The average American neighborhood has 8.4% of their residents with graduate degrees. Same sex couples make up 4% of the residents in Annandale. This is higher than 99.2% of all neighborhoods in America.

Annandale has one of the highest rates of single-family homes of any neighborhood in the United States. Over 98% of the homes in Annandale are single-family homes. So this is a great neighborhood for families and professionals who want to live in a beautiful, quiet area.

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