World Ranking System is an international website dedicated to determine the level or position of certain things if compared to one another based on a specified criteria. It is made by an international community which has a vision to gather any information about everything which can be differentiated by level or position.

The method used by the World Ranking System team in acquiring such information is through intensive research from various media, either printed media or electronic media. The printed media includes newspaper, magazines, tabloids, and miscellaneous books. The electronic media includes radio, TV, and internet.

Initially, every information gathered is verified by the dedicated people in World Ranking System team to determine whether the source is trust worthy or not. Normally it is done by cross-checking from multiple sources. Then they analyze the content of each data and extract all possible attributes that can be used in a criteria for determining the rank, level, or position. Once a criteria is determined, they will collect additional related data and then sort the list based on that criteria. Sometime the order is in ascending format and sometime it’s in descending format.

The people in World Ranking System came from different background, but all of them have the desire to conduct research about everything they conceive to be interesting and worth to be ranked, sorted, or arranged based on level. Everyday, the data are checked and rechecked again to ensure that they are valid and that they are properly written.

The topics in World Ranking System is extremely diverse. It includes topics on hobbies, games, musics, movies, travel, fashion, astronomy, geography, biography, architecture, zoology, celebrity, inventions, business, finance and many more. From each of those topics, the team will enlist the items with extreme values, such as: Top, Best, Highest, Deepest, Most, Worst, Lowest, Largest, Smallest, Fewest, Tallest, Shortest, Furthest, Nearest, Coolest, Hottest, Coldest, and so on. The idea of this website is to get only the most interesting things that most people would like to know. Basically only the hottest topics will be presented in the list.

As a conclusion, World Ranking System website has the most accurate and most reliable information in determining the level, position, or rank of everything in the universe.