It is your best friend’s wedding tomorrow and you were so busy organizing everything that you could not shop anything for yourself. Now what will you wear to her bachelorette party which is just two hours away? So you feel you should have taken yourself and your closet a little more seriously, eh? It seems to me that you have never tried searching for tees for women online because all that is inside your closet are a few old shirts that you wear to work and a few tees that you wear to the gym and to the grocery shop and one LBD which you have worn so many times that you can’t even bear its sight any longer. Okay, calm down and take out a plain white tee from your stock of t-shirts and just follow some of the steps written below and you will be even more gorgeous than the bride for sure.

1. So you are wearing the white tee and now you need to think about what to wear below. Take out any palazzo or maxi skirt from your stock of bottoms, preferably one that is embellished or patterned. A plain black palazzo will also be a gorgeous option and will look amazing with a plain white tee. However, we don’t think a woman having only t-shirts and shirts in her closet will actually own a pair of incredible palazzos, so it is best we stop dreaming and just get real. Take out your pair of super skinny black jeans or any skater skirt. We are sure everyone owns these if nothing else. Also one word of advice is that don’t be a miser when it comes to colors. Choose bright colors if possible because you are already wearing a plain white tee above.

2.  It is time to accessorize before we go on to the rest but this doesn’t in any manner mean that we are asking you to resemble a Christmas tree. I would suggest you stick to one single piece of statement accessory, most preferably a statement or a collar necklace. You can wear one in any bright color, neon and metallic shade or match the color of the necklace with your bottoms if you happen to get lucky.

3. Next, glam up with a pair of sexy heels. If you are wearing a white tee with something black below, choose a pair of textured heels in a bright color or perhaps something in candy pink or neon orange and instantly brighten up your look. Try avoiding flats if possible because you are going to a party and not to college.

4. It is makeup time now and you need to give the finishing touches. Brighten up your cheeks, your eyes and most importantly your lips but don’t do all the three together. We would suggest a red or a pink for your lips and don’t forget to leave your hair open as well.

In all likelihood, everyone would be “hello gorgeous” the moment you are in sight in the party. Nevertheless remember that this was one party that you hacked your way into. The next time you might not be as lucky. So don’t forget to stock up your wardrobe with different variants of tees such that you do not have to solely depend on that plain white one. All you need to do is type online tees for women India and start shopping.