There are certain points in your VW car’s life, when you will need to get it serviced. If you know when these points are, then it will help your Volkswagen run better and longer. However, being able to tell, if a problem with your VW is serious and need to be serviced, can save you time and hassle. There are various companies that provide Volkswagen service, so choose wisely.

Below are few points to keep in mind, to check whether you need servicing or not:

Flashing Check Light– This is a big sign, which shows, something is wrong within, any of the hundreds of systems that the car’s computer monitors. Normal illuminated check engine light is an indicator, that you should have your engine checked sooner. When the light on your dash flashes, it means you need to have the engine checked immediately. It could be emission system problem, which may damage the catalytic convertor. If you notice a change, in your vehicle running differently, you should take it to the VW specialist to get it assisted immediately.

Smoke Coming under the hood– Your vehicle should never have any smoke coming out of the hood, as it could indicate an overheating problem, and could severely damage your vehicle, if you continue to drive.

Excessive smoke from the exhaust– This is an indication, that you may have an oil leak, and you may also notice a burning smell. During the cold winter months, there might be little more white smoke at first start. This reaction is normal, of water vapor coming from the exhaust system. If while driving you notice excessive smoke coming from exhaust, or while checking the bumper area you see a black residue, take it for garage services.

Recurring or sudden transmission issues– You should pay good attention, to your Volkswagen in normal conditions. If you find difficulty getting up to speed, then it is a sign, for you to get it serviced.

Noises while driving– A dragging noise may be coming from your wheels, either front or back and could be wheel bearing or differential bearing going bad.

Hopefully these steps would help you decide, if you are experiencing a major problem that should be checked out immediately or if you can wait. Heston VW is Volkswagen specialists in London, they offer service and repair work to all makes and models of Volkswagen. Do visit as they provide experienced and qualified staff and have fair pricing.