Guitar is a stringed instrument now using in every genre of music. We can’t imagine modern music with a Guitar. 3000 years ago guitar like Stringed instrument was found in Egyptian music. Modern guitar is a form of that lute instrument. The first classical Guitar found in Europe on European Renaissance in the 1600s. In the present era many different types of Guitar are common in market. Acoustic, Electric Guitar are mostly common.

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Structure and playing technique of guitar:

When learning the Guitar it is necessary for you to know about the Guitar instrument. The Guitar has 10 parts. They are Body, Neck, Headstock, Strings, Frets, Pegs or tuners, Nut, Fingerboard, bridge and pick guard, sound board, and sound hole. Guitar has a large body with a hollow on an acoustic to amplify the sound and solid body on an electric Guitar. In modern Guitar there are six strings passed over the bridge and tightened in the peg box. Mostly the stings are made of steel and somewhere in nylon.

E, A, D, G, B, E is the tuning format of a Guitar from its thinnest string to finest string respectively. Each hand has different task. The left hand plays the notes or chords while right hand is used for plucking the strings.

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